Published On: July 23rd, 2018

Walking Watling Street is a brand new commission by The Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal and Lakes Alive Festival.

About Time Dance Company will start making the full version of ‘Walking Watling Street’ next month thanks to our fabulous supporters! Jenny’s currently reading and researching Jane Robinson’s new book ‘Hearts and Minds’ which is the most incredible read uncovering forgotten tales from ‘The Great Pilgrimage’.

The show will premiere at Lakes Alive Festival on 8th and 9th September, and soon we’ll putting up our call out for community cast members very soon so watch this space very carefully.

We can’t wait to get in the studio, and get creating. Here’s a quote from Jane’s book to spark your thoughts…

‘Women, old and young, drawn from all ranks of life, and yet bound together by a common tie of sisterhood powerful enough to break down all differences in age and social standing. Mothers as true comrades, peeresses and mill-hands as real as friends, all stepping out together to convert England.’

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