Performance details

Underlie is a site-specific dance performance taking place at Heysham Moss Nature Reserve

This performance is taking place with the kind support of Lancashire Wildlife Trust and Entangled Festival at Lancaster University.

(1) be a substantial cause or source of something, even if hidden or not apparent

(2) lie or be situated under (particularly of a layer of soil)

Following a collaborative process with researchers at Lancaster University, Underlie uses movement and costume to bring above ground the complex, seeping layers that lie underfoot. This solo dance performance is a journey through the shifting, sifting history of the world below: through the intricate choreography of body and material, Underlie charts the transformation of soil composition over time. Across the muddy, seeping surface of ground, layers of movement and fabric peel and unwrap, fold and unfold, telling a visual story of how soil has been altered by the seeds and nutrients of plants, by the canopies and roots of trees, and by the industry and farming of the Anthropocene. Underlie is a durational performance that makes felt the seeping, immersive relationship that exists between the movement of the human body and the fabric of the earth: between the fabric of the human body and the movement of the earth.

This performance has already taken place, but you can watch a short film of the performance below.

Performance by: Jenny Reeves

Choreography by: Ellen Jeffrey

Costume by: Katie Duxbury