Creating memorable experiences for communities with dance, exploring time, place and heritage

AbouTime Dance Company is a new, Lancashire based dance theatre company. We are passionate about sharing the spirit of our past through dance and creative collaboration. We work with a range of artists to explore heritage and local history, within a range of participatory projects and high quality professional performances.  The work fuses contemporary and cultural dance, design and music, often in non traditional performance spaces.

Artistic director Jenny Reeves is an experienced dance artist, whom trained at London Contemporary Dance School and Trinity Laban and holds a Masters degree in contemporary dance performance. Hailing from Lancashire she has particular interest in local, social history, industry and making processes. She is experienced in delivering community based teaching of a range of dance styles, professional training opportunities and choreography.

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Exploring heritage and local history, within a range of participatory projects and high quality
professional performances

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“Performing with ATDC in Cotton was an incredible, edifying experience. My husband and I, our son (7) and daughter (10), each took our own very personal memories from the project. But what matters to me most is what we were able to share as a family unit – spending quality time together away from daily life; learning about our shared background; trying something new; supporting each other and surprising ourselves at the fun we are able to have when we step outside our comfort zones. It was a beautiful thing to have the chance collaborate and to contribute to something so creative. We will always remember it fondly” 

Cotton participating family

“…breathtakingly beautiful production played out on the grassland between Silverdale village and its shoreline.  A performance that will live long in the memory of a fortunate few”

David Upton • The British Theatre Guide

“Fresh, beautifully performed and choreographed, wonderfully paced and nuanced, and had such a strong emotional impact. It’s rare to see a daytime, outdoor performance in a public space which can hold the audience theatrically”

George Harris, Mirador

“This is the first time I have ever interpreted contemporary dance, there is so much detail, right down to the spindles,
I loved it all”

Peter Sweetmore

“The Gone Fishin’ dance project was loved by all children involved. Even the reluctant performers participated well. Throughout, the children were engaged, enthused and challenged. They were clearly motivated by being invested in a meaningful outcome- their final performance. The About Time Dance Company team were professional, extremely experienced and well received by the children; their passion for the project shone through. Additionally, the project was seamlessly cross-curricular, tapping into locality geography and historical enquiry outcomes as well as satisfying the criteria for the PE dance unit.”

Mr Duckett, Sandylands Primary School


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